In the freeze frame, a confetti of glass hangs suspended above the pavement. A few shards still dangle from the coffee shop window. Midflight, some flash October sunlight, while others smear the faces of the people outside. I rewind to make the shards zoom toward the window. I send the vivid sprays of blood back into the bodies. Play, rewind, pause, twelve times before I can sleep.

1. His surroundings are blurred. Inverno watches the Girl scratch her nose in her sleep, the cover coming up to her ear. Exhausted, he jumps off the bed and makes his way to the living room. Legs aching. Body feeling heavy, feeling elsewhere. Inverno drags himself under the see-through table from where he loved to observe the Man prepare the food and the Girl stare at the noisy box. He can't remember what he ate today. Salivating, he lays down his head and dreams himself to death.