As Father Roberts delivered the Confirmation lesson, Jason glared at his shoes on another boy’s feet. The navy and white British Knights bulged on Marcus, a size too small. Jason had never had shoes like the Dymacels. Sickened, imagining the special silicon soles popping beneath the fat bully, he mashed his face between his hands. He didn’t care if he squeezed his heavy-lidded eyes further closed, didn’t care if the taunts came with more zeal: Crack Baby, Crack Baby.

Albert Smith, Keeper of the Ravens, walked his evening round slowly, wearily. Not for physical decrepitude—he had performed these same tasks every day for thirty years—but in a rising sense of helplessness.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: In 2019, the United States Senate proposed the Twenty-Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, certifying the proposal with a vote of 73 to 27. The amendment was conceived in response to the growing awareness of communities designated “post-organic” or “deceased-American”

Comment from KThomas, 8-6-2022, 11:08 am: Can’t we just call them what they are?